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Testosterone is formed from cholesterol through 2 possible routes (delta 4 and delta 5) even if the delta 4 route seems to be the most used in the testicle

human. Testosterone is responsible for the male's secondary sexual characteristics. It is mainly secreted by Leydig cells and is also produced in the adrenal gland and in the ovary. Most of the testosterone circulates bound to the transport proteins (SHBG and albumin). A small part is free and available to penetrate the target organ cells. Testosterone exhibits a variability in plasma levels linked to a pulsatile and circadian excretion rhythm. The highest levels are found in the early test enanthate hours of the morning. An increase in testosterone is present in idiopathic precocious puberty or caused by lesions of the central nervous system, in adrenal tumors or in congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Decreased levels or low normal limits are found in liver cirrhosis,

All drugs interfering with plasma testosterone levels must be stopped 72 hours before the test. Fasting is not strictly necessary.


1) Having sex

L ' sexual activity does produce more testosterone which in turn increases sexual activity (the famous vicious circle). Having sex is, therefore, a natural remedy for low testosterone levels. The more frequent sexual intercourse, the higher the testosterone level. In addition to the frequency of relationships, what matters are expectations: if the idea of ​​having a relationship is appreciated and exciting, testosterone starts to rise, if it worries, it drops. Not making love over time instead reduces the desire more and more. It is a precise adaptive mechanism whose original purpose was to promote sexual activity only when conditions were more favorable. So today the level of testosterone drops in married men, or in men whose partner expects a child, because they are good and faithful, to go back immediately after a divorce when it is necessary to get back "on the market"

2) Eat more red meat

It has been noticed that if the fats that you take correspond only to 10% of the daily calories, you risk seeing your testosterone levels decrease.

Diets with too many fibers and without red meat also seem to tend to decrease the hormone level.

A Dutch study shows that lean red meat proteins are better than dairy products and eggs for testosterone.

3) Stay away from alcohol

Studies by Dr. Jakob Vingren of the University of Connecticut published by the Strength and Conditioning Journal, for example, suggest that exceeding 5 drinks a day leads to a marked decrease in testosterone. The maximum allowable dose appears to be around two glasses per day. But wine, especially red wine, in low doses is almost a medicine.

4) Weightlifting activities in the gym

Testosterone allows you to build powerful muscles, weight lifting increases hormone levels.

However, a fairly intense program must be followed.

For example basic exercises such as squats, flat bench presses, lifting off the ground, oarsman.

However, we must not forget the recovery. Overtraining, in fact, leads to a net decrease in testosterone in the blood.

So think of at least one day off every two sessions.

5) More protein and more lean mass.

Testosterone levels drop as the waistline increases

6) More weights and more biceps.

Studies in Finland have found that weight lifting twice a week increases their testosterone levels by 49%.

7) More fish and more dried fruit.

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine has revealed that consuming fat improves testosterone levels.

But obviously it is preferable to consume more monounsaturated fats contained in foods such as fish and dried fruit (walnuts, almonds and especially hazelnuts) which help hormonal production without straining the heart.

8) More footing and more relaxation.

Cardiovascular activity keeps the body in shape, relaxes and defends testosterone.

Running causes serotonin (the good mood hormone) to be produced. Serotonin neutralizes the action of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Cortisol reduces the body's ability to make testosterone.

9) Beware of fatter and larger and farmed fish.

Some toxic testosterone-like substances such as dioxin and PCB can settle.

So it might be useful to choose wild and small fish that have too short a life to accumulate poisons inside it.

10) Do not use chlorpyrifos-based insecticides.

A study conducted in Massachusetts (USA) shows that it causes a 10% drop in testosterone levels.

11) When cycling, do not use too tight and rigid seats.

They could in fact cause erectile disorders.

It might, therefore, be better to choose wider and more padded saddles.

12) Preferable not to use lavender oil and tea tree cosmetics.

Research has indeed shown a connection between these substances and the development of gynecomastia in men for a lowering of testosterone.

Bogeyman of any diet, fats are actually critical to male health, as they promote testosterone production.

The important thing is to consume the right "quality" as well as quantity: useful for enhancing muscle mass are those that we find in a lot of dried fruit and olive oil, together with the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Another factor to avoid testosterone reduction is to control the states of stress and therefore the production of cortisol, as both these hormones have a common precursor, the pregnenolone which transforms into cortisol instead of testosterone with increasing stress.

Important for testosterone are, inter alia, vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin D and zinc.

A study from the University of Graz (Austria) shows that men who have at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood have higher testosterone levels.


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